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Aviation Safety and Security Promotion


The purpose of this is to contribute to promoting the advancement of aviation safety by making practical references and advanced aviation transportation information readily available to aviation workers.


  • Aviation Safety seminars and workshops
    - Aviation Safety seminars and workshops are held every year to find solutions for increasing aviation safety through presentations and discussions on the results of research on aviation safety and human factors, and case studies on training and its influence on human factors.
  • Publication of aviation safety practical reference books
    - Produce and distribute reference books for aviation workers' aviation safety practices and training.


  • Seminar on aviation safety human factors
  • Meeting of the relevant agencies on Ultra-Light Vehicles
  • Meeting of aviation qualification test companies
  • Consulting meeting on aviation safety impediment report
  • Consulting meeting on aviation security voluntary report

Publication of Aviation Safety Practical References

  • Subject Title
    • - GYRO Publication & Distribution (monthly)
    • - KAIRS Case analysis book publication
  • Publication of aviation safety practical reference book