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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Railroad Safety
  3. Railroad Vehicles License Management

Railroad Vehicles License Management


To improve the quality of railroad operators in order to decrease gradually the number of accidents caused by operator error, and prevent railroad accidents to protect people's lives and property.


  • Type of license and test procedure
    - Types of Railroad Licenses (5 types)
  • Express Train, Diesel Train, Type 1 Electric Train, Type 2 Electric Train, Railroad Equipment
    - Test procedure for railroad licenses
  • People who apply for the railroad operator's license test must pass the physical and aptitude examinations conducted by the designated hospital or examination center and complete certain training courses at a designated training center. Those who pass the written test are allowed to apply for the skill test. (The skill test is conducted onboard a real vehicle or a simulator.)


2006 ~ 2011

Classification Written Test Skill Test
Applied Passed Applied Passed
Regular Test 11,513 6,728 9,211 6,747
Temporary Test 30 29 29 27