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Traffic Safety Audit


Although commercial vehicles account for only 5.1% of the total number of registered vehicles owned by transportation companies, they constitute about 24.3% of the total number of accidents. The number of accidents per 10,000 vehicles is also 6.7 times higher than that of non-commercial use vehicles. Due to such high ratio of traffic accidents, the commercial vehicles are subject to road safety control. Diagnose road safety practices such as driver and vehicle management for companies with history of large-scale accidents or frequent accidents to find problems and guide them improving their practices.


Major diagnosis subjects
Current status of drivers and support facilities, management of drivers who cause accidents, validity of vehicle structure and equipment, establishment and execution of road safety plans, and cause analysis of traffic accidents Criteria for selecting companies subject to diagnosis

  • Companies that cause fatal accidents: Companies that have caused an accident that killed more than two persons, killed one and seriously injured more than three, or seriously injured more than six.
  • Companies that cause accidents frequently Decide the number of companies depending on the accident ratio of the industry where they belong.
    Select companies in order of higher traffic accident index for the analysis.
  • Type of diagnosis
    Release an online traffic safety newsletter to provide the information necessary for companies by reflecting the requirements of transportation companies in order to enhance their autonomous safety control capabilities.
  • Issue a monthly newsletter containing legal information on road safety, accident cases and video education materials (to about 2,000 transportation companies as of March 2006)
Classification Major items
General diagnosis Companies causing accidents frequently Companies that have caused serious accidents
Intensive diagnosis Companies that have been re-selected this year from among the companies that were diagnosed more than 2 times in the last 3 years.
Voluntary diagnosis Upon request from the companies
Special diagnosis One-time traffic accident that kills 5, kills 3 and seriously injures more than 5, or seriously injures more than 10


Road safety diagnosis for transportation companies

  • Performance
    Classification 2005 2006
    Intensive diagnosis 33 companies 20
    General diagnosis 161 44
  • Traffic accident index decreases by 26.5%

    • 1.66 in 2004 → 1.22 in 2006
      • - 20.8% decrease in traffic-related deaths
      • - 21.7% decrease in traffic-related injuries
    • Traffic-related loss decreases by 27.5 billion won