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  1. Traffic Safety Work
  2. Aviation Safety and Security
  3. Aviation Security Voluntary Reporting System

Aviation Security Voluntary Reporting System (ASVRS)


The ASVRS is a system of preventing acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation by implementing preventive measures, based on the analysis of voluntarily reported information regarding the vulnerabilities that jeopardize—or may jeopardize—civil aviation.

※ Aviation Security is a standard, procedure, and method of protecting civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference such as hijacking or bombing and aircraft and destroying airport facilities.


The ASVRS collects, analyzes, and responds to voluntarily submitted reports to mitigate the risks of the overall operational aspects of the aviation security system, prevent security incidents, and enhance the level of public safety and national aviation security.


Everyone can file a report. You may report any risks, and give suggestions to reform the system or anything related to aviation security.

Report Online

Reports can be submitted online using the web-based system through our website at:
Please fill in the blanks or choose the selectable items by right-clicking and dragging and clicking the receipt.

Report by e-mail

Please download the format from our website and send it as an e-mail attachment to:

Report by fax

Please download the format from our website and fax it at:
+82-502-384-5452 (Local : 0502-384-5452)

Report by Telephone

You can file a verbal report by following the order of format calling at:
+82-54-459-7384 (Local : 054-459-7384)

Report by Post

  • Please check your print information and print pages and fill in the blanks as required on the printed-out form at:
    • Mail :
    • AVSEC Reporting System Manager
    • Korea Transportation Safety Authority
    • (39660)
    • 17, Hyeoksin 6-ro,
    • Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    • Republic of Korea


  1. 1. Pursuant to the Aviation Security Act, personal information about the reporter shall be kept confidential, and the reporter shall not suffer any retaliation from his/her organization.
  2. 2. When you choose e-mail or faxing as a reporting method, you have to use the designated format.