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  1. Railroad Safety
  2. Railroad Operation Management
  3. Comprehensive Rail Pilot Operation

Comprehensive Rail Pilot Operation


  • Title: Review of Comprehensive Rail Pilot Operation Results
  • Purpose

    TS conducts a review of the comprehensive rail pilot operation results in order to protect citizens from accidents and improve comprehensive rail pilot operation prior to full-on launch after the building of new rail tracks or improvement of the existing ones by the rail operator as per the Railroad Safety Act.

  • Subject organization

    Rail operator intending to build new rail tracks or improve existing ones

  • Review team structure

    Public official from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Inspector from TS, External expert

  • Details
    • Whether rail facilities meet the technical standards
    • Safety of rail facilities and railroad car operation system
    • Appropriateness of preparedness for normal operation
  • Review of comprehensive rail pilot operation results

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