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  1. Road Safety
  2. Qualification Test
  3. Bus Driving Aptitude Test

Bus Driving Aptitude Test


  • Background and purpose: Since the driver’s qualities were found to have played a major part in bus accidents such as the one in 2009 involving a chartered bus in Gyeongju, the bus driving aptitude test system was introduced to prevent accidents and ensure passenger safety by improving the professional capacity of the drivers (from August 2, 2012)
  • Qualification process
  • Requirements
    Category Details
    License type Suitable for driving a commercial vehicle
    Age Older than 20
    Driving history More than 1 year of operating a passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle after getting the certificate

    Applicant shall meet the new requirements of the thorough driving aptitude test.

    Applicant shall not have any grounds for disqualification as per Article 24 of the Passenger Transport Service Act.