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  1. Road Safety
  2. Transportation Provider Safety Management
  3. Operation Record Analysis System

Operation Record Analysis System


Purpose of construction and operation

To contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents through scientific analysis of reckless driving habits, such as speeding of business motorists, sudden stop, and radical course change

Driving record data collection and analysis procedures

System user type

System user type
Section Description
Transportation company Passenger vehicle transport business, trucking transportation business
Individual business Privately owned taxi, privately owned truck, etc.
Transportation organization Union and federation of transportation, provident society(bus, taxi, truck, etc.)
Manufacturer Standard digital driving records device manufacturer
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Public officials of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Local government Public officials of 17 local areas
Korea Transportation Safety Authority Employees of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority
Ordinary person Members that do not fall under any of the sections above

Main service information

  • Provides a comprehensive diagnostic chart
    • Provides specific analysis information of the transportation company and driver who often engages in dangerous driving behavior
    • Offers recommendation based on the industry characteristics
  • Provides the driving record analysis results
    • Provides detailed analysis regarding reckless driving (speeding, sudden start, sudden stop, etc.)
  • Statistics on dangerous driving behavior
    • Provides various kinds of statistical information based on each dangerous driving behavior (by vehicles, by drivers, by seasons, monthly, daily, hourly)
  • GIS (driving trajectory) analysis
    • Provides the analysis results of driving record data together with the driving trajectory on an electronic map
  • Mobile service
    • Provides access to the driving record data on the go
  • Spot inspection
    • Provides spot inspection function to analyze driving record data in the field immediately