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  1. Road Safety
  2. Traffic Survey and Evaluation
  3. Apartment Traffic Safety Inspection

Apartment Traffic Safety Inspection


  • Background and Purpose
    • Roads in the apartment complex are where pedestrians and vehicles coexist with their active movements, but protection measures are poorer than general roads.
    • Moreover, such apartment roads are managed by the facility management office or residents’ representative lacking proper capacity; thus resulting in inadequate measures against accidents or lack of preventive efforts.
    • Thus, TS is conducting traffic safety inspection for apartment complex with high risk of accidents to identify issues and remedies in terms of traffic safety in order to ensure safety
  • Subjects
    • Apartment complexes with previous history of accident in roads therein or high risk of accidents
    • Apartment complexes requiring consultation with a safety professional to reduce accidents and enhance safety
  • Method
    • (Preliminary inspection) Research on accident status, size of complex and facilities
    • (Interview) With facility managers and residents to identify risky points and areas as well as analyze the pedestrian access status
    • (On-site inspection) TS and jointly with facility managers and residents to identify the status such as pedestrian access, accidents, risky factors, and installation of safety facilities
    • (Proposal on improvement) With diagram and report to prevent accidents and improve safety in the subject complex