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  1. Vehicle & Safety Inspection
  2. Safety Test
  3. Two-wheeled Vehicle Inspection

Two-wheeled Vehicle Inspection


  • Overview

    Inspections aiming to prevent noise caused by illegal modification of the horn and environmental pollution from emissions of two-wheeled vehicles

  • Subject: All small, medium, and large two-wheeled reported vehicles nationwide
    • Exception
      • Electric two-wheeled vehicles
      • Two-wheeled vehicles not subject to reporting
      • Two-wheeled vehicles whose displacement(engine size) is smaller than 50cc
      • Two-wheeled vehicles whose displacement(engine size) is 50 ~ 260cc and which were manufactured before December 31, 2017
  • Application period: 31 days before or after the expiry of validity of regular test date of two-wheeled vehicles
  • Inspection items
    • Emission (CO, HC)
    • Noise of horn and exhaust
    • Identification check (vehicle identification number(VIN) and number plate)
    • Checking the conditions of the two-wheeled vehicle