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Inspection Type and Items

Type of Inspection

  • New inspection: Inspection conducted when one intends to make a new registration
  • Regular inspection: Inspection regularly conducted at a fixed interval after a new registration
  • Inspection of tuning: Inspection conducted when a motor vehicle has been tuned under Article 34, Motor Vehicle Management Act
  • Provisional inspection: Inspection conducted when needed by this Act or an order issued under this Act or by an application of an owner of a motor vehicle
  • Repair inspection: Inspection conducted at a motor vehicle subject to total loss after repair

Regular Inspection

  • General Inspection: Regularly conducted following the registration of a new vehicle
    • Items
      • Identification of the vehicle, braking equipment, steering, visibility, lighting equipment and parts of the electrical system, axles-wheels-tires-suspension, chassis and chassis attachment, other equipment, emission and related equipment
  • Comprehensive Test: Vehicles not registered in the area subject to the comprehensive test are covered by the enhanced criteria of emission test as well as items of regular test
    • Target Area
      • Air Quality Control Area
      • Cities with population of more than 500,000 and designated by the presidential decree as the subject area of a comprehensive test