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Message from the President

For happy communities
without traffic accidents.

Welcome to the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS)

Citizens' happiness—
that is the only reason for the Korea Transportation Safety Authority’s existence!

Greetings! I am Kwon Yong Bok, president of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority.

Despite the fact that the number of traffic accident deaths per 10,000 vehicles in South Korea is gradually decreasing, it is still approximately two times higher than the average of OECD member countries; in fact, South Korea’s transportation safety is ranked 32nd out of 34 member countries.

In a society where the lives of the citizens are not protected, its members would not feel happy. Thus, a happy society begins when society puts "people first."

In the future, the Korea Transportation Safety Authority will strive to focus all competences on protecting the lives and safety of citizens from traffic accidents and endeavor to secure the standard of transportation safety commensurate with its position as one of the World's Top 10 in economic scale based on high vocation and a sense of responsibility for the safety of citizens.

As such, we will attempt to reduce the number of car accidents with science-customized preventive activities with regard to traffic accidents by activating high-tech safety devices and managing digital driving records and will do our best to manage vehicle safety through safety evaluation, automobile defect, safety inspection and others with regard to the rapidly increasing electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles and others so that citizens would be able to trust and ride these vehicles.

Moreover, in line with the 4th industrial revolution, we will prepare for future transportation safety that would reinvent the general lives of citizens through K-City, an experimental city for autonomous vehicles expected to be implemented and by securing commercial technologies for autonomous vehicles, managing drone safety, and analyzing traffic big data.

Furthermore, to materialize open innovation and social values, we will always open our ears to the various opinions of the citizens covering all transportation fields such as roads, railways, aviation and others and will become an institute that will always stand by the citizens by actively reflecting opinions to our policies.

Thank you very much.

Kwon Yong Bok, President of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority