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  1. Aviation Safety
  2. Drone Safety
  3. Designation of Ultra-light Flying Device Pilot Training Institute

Designation of Ultra-light Flying Device Pilot Training Institute


  • Title: Designation and Management of Drone Pilot Training Institute
  • Purpose: To review the drone pilot training institute including its designation and consistent compliance with the requirements for the systematic training of drone pilots
  • Procedure for designating a training institute

    Document Application → Document review → On-site inspection → Inspection report → Notification of results

    30 items are reviewed with regard to human resources, equipments, and facilities as per the relevant laws and announced designation procedure

  • Criteria for designating a training institute
    • Human resources including instructors: Violation of aviation act, flight history, capacity to provide practical training, etc.
    • Equipment criteria: Appropriateness of training aircraft (insurance, maintenance) and flight simulators
    • Facilities criteria: Classroom, practicing room, lighting/skylight, safety facilities, etc.
    • Training regulation, Operation status, Criteria for training operation, Operational status based on legal criteria, etc.
  • Designated training institutes: 139 institutes as of April 2020

    Information on each individual institute can be found on the aviation training portal (